The bright Lehtoniemi meeting room is great for larger meetings, lectures, and workshops. The meeting room’s two large windows let in plenty of natural light. The meeting room can seat 20 people, and the two-person desks can be arranged in various configurations. The room also has an 85” digital display and a paper flipchart.


History of Lehtoniemi

The Lehtoniemi district of Varkaus has a history of innovative shipyard output. In 1886, the engineer Albert Krank established a dry dock in Varkaus, and when the operations moved to Lehtoniemi, a diverse factory community sprang up in the surrounding residential area. The engineer himself was famous for his vision and inventions, which led to Albert Krank’s office becoming better known as the Älypaja (Smart Workshop).


About the space:

  • U-shape: 12 people
  • Classroom configuration: 20 people
  • Boardroom configuration: 20 people
  • Theatre configuration: 24 people
  • Location in the hotel: Floor 2
  • Lighting: Windows and natural light with a blackout option
  • Size: 16 m²
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 2.5 m
  • The meeting room has Wi-Fi
  • The Lehtoniemi, Pirtinniemi and Taipale rooms can be combined to create a unified space to seat a total of 100 people in the classroom configuration and up to 120 people in the auditorium configuration