The inspiring Kämäri room is an excellent setting for negotiations, management team meetings and strategy days! The abundant natural light and wallpaper depicting local history make the space an inviting place for innovation and design. The room is ideal for meetings of up to 14 people. There is a large oval conference table, an 85” digital display, and a paper flipchart.

History of Kämäri

Kämäri is an area of the wide Ämmäkoski rapids in Varkaus. The good stocks of fish in the waters of Varkaus attracted fishermen long before the area became a permanent settlement. The first records of a fishery business date back to 1535. Back in the 19th century, fishing was only allowed in the rapids with a special permit, and even then, only with a rod and line. Ämmäkoski also brought in tourists – English sport fishers – to visit the area. The rapids were the starting point for industry in Varkaus when dams were built to harness the power of the water for industrial applications. At the dam on the Kämäri bridges, you can still get a sense of the ancient power of the rapids.


About the space:

  • Boardroom configuration: 14 people
  • Location in the hotel: Floor 2
  • Lighting: Windows and natural light with a blackout option
  • Size: 40 m²
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 x 2.5 m
  • The meeting room has Wi-Fi